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Isabelle Kvist

After several years in Denmark, Isabelle moved to Stockholm. She got the keys to an all-white flat and promptly decided to make some changes.

Where are we?

We’re in a 3BR flat in Kungsholmen or, more exactly, Thorildsplan.

What do you like the most about your home?

I love the light and the large rooms. The living room is my favourite, and I spend many hours there. Otherwise, I love the hallway with its deep-red colour that welcomes people into the home and immediately gives the flat a sense of tranquillity.


Which colours did you choose and what attracted you to them in particular?

I painted with Antique, Maraschino, Breakwater, Radiance and Mojave Mirage. I fell head over heels for the combination and the warmth of the colours. The colour Breakwater is a little cooler but goes so well with Antique in the kitchen, where I chose to paint in two colours.

Describe your decorating style in three words!

Eclectic, Danish 60’s and Japanese.

living room

What were you most satisfied with?

The hallway and the kitchen were the most exciting and really my style, but I think all the colours harmonise well! Love to come home.

What’s your best tip for anyone who wants to repaint?

To be careful when taping. If you want to paint a straight, clean line like I did in the kitchen, it’s good to have a laser level. To ensure that you get a sharp edge, paint on the tape first with the colour that’s already on the wall. And – make painting fun! Make it a weekend project, and invite your friends over for some wine so that you can paint together.

The results
living room
living room
Isabelle's colours
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