For a colourful world

Ever since we started Klint in April 2021 our goal has been to make it easier and more fun to decorate in a colourful way, so that everyone can create a space to feel at home in.

First starting out of a small studio in Stockholm, Sweden, we now have the honour to welcome customers from all across Europe who are looking to redecorate, or simply just need some colour advice.

To craft our curated colour palette, we have so far painted a bit over 1 000 different shades of beiges, greens, whites and so on... to truly understand how they look and feel in different lights, settings and furnishings. The most beautiful 115 shades make up our own curated colour palette.

Any questions let us know - and good luck with your project!

//Daniel, Julia and the team from Klint

Our idea

We always felt that the most difficult thing when repainting is picking the right colour.

To make it at least a bit easier, we decided from the start to hand-paint our swatches (a new type of paint sample), using the exact same paint that you are able to buy from our store, and even the same roller that we offer.

This means the colour of the swatches will always be 100% accurate, and even have the same texture from the roller as your final result. To this day, we still hand-paint all of our swatches in our warehouse in Stockholm.

Once you've found the right colour, we ship the paint in a recyclable bag that's easy to pour from, and easy to reseal, so that any left-over paint does not need to go to waste.

...and if troubles arise, we're always on hand for free colour consultation via email and chat.

Talk soon!

Our sustainability work

98% less paint waste to try out a colour

Our swatches are hand-painted with real paint, which means that only 1 cl of paint is used for each sheet. Compared to a 50 cl test can, this means a saving of 98% paint, for each colour you test.

A packaging with less material consumption that's easy to source sort

Our packaging is easy to pour out, easy to reseal, and can be left directly in the source sorting when it's empty.

Eco-labeled paint with ultra-low VOC

Our wall paint and ceiling paint are labeled with the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel and contain less than 1g/L VOC.

Nordic Ecolabel license number: 3096 0033.

EU Ecolabel license number: SE/044/010