Upcycle a chair by giving it a new look

Give your chair new life. Repainting furniture can add just a touch of colourful personality to a room. In this guide we'll upcycle a wooden chair and give it a new fresh look.
Painting chairs

Other materials and equipment

Choose a chair or piece of furniture you already have at home or find one at a second hand or flea market. In addition to paint and painting equipment, that you find in our webshop, you may already have parts of what you need at home.


In addition to paint brush, paint and paint tray, you will need:

  • Primer

  • Sand block

  • Warm water and possibly some soap

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Something to cover the floor with


Step 1 — Clean

Start by cleaning the surface. The best way to do this is with a damp cloth. Regular soap or any other cleaning agent for wood works fine.


Step 2 — Sand

Because a chair is an often used piece of furniture, it's important that the paint sticks properly. When the surface is dry after cleaning, rough it up lightly with a sand block. One or two strokes is enough to open up the material just slightly so that the paint will adhere better to the surface.


Step 3 — Remove dust

After sanding, wipe the chair thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove any sanding residue before continuing.


Step 4 — Paint with primer

Use a brush to apply a layer of primer. The brush helps you get into all corners. Apply the paint, following the same direction on the different parts of the chair for best results. Allow it to dry and then sand off any drips.


Step 5 — Apply two layers of paint

Apply the first layer of paint with a thin layer with a brush. For the most smooth finish, it's best to apply several thin layers of paint instead of one thick layer. In our case, two layers were well enough.


Step 6 — Enjoy your new chair!

Voilà! Your new piece of furniture is ready for use.

The result
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Paint and equipment
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