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Annika & Nicklas

Annika and Nicklas, founders of the digital art platform Wall of Art, welcome us to their new showroom on Södermalm.
Annika & Nicklas colours

9 — Birch


2 — Mourning Dove

Annika and Nicklas

Where are we?

In our newly opened office and showroom at Södermalm, Götgatan 23 in Stockholm. We call it the Wall of Art Apartment, a place for creative meetings, inspiring conversations, ideas and people. The place is an old turn-of-the-century apartment that is decorated more like a home than a classic art gallery. In addition to being a place for our employees, our showroom must function for art exhibitions, events and from now on above all for meetings with customers.

What do you like the most about your office?

That it is like our second home, a warm and cozy place where we can be creative and display artists' work in an inspiring context that makes it easy for the customer to visualize how art can take place in the home.

"It feels important to have an overview of what style you want in the room before choosing a wall colour."

What was your thinking behind the colour scheme in your office?

Since our office has old wood floors, we wanted to add colours that match it. A base of soft tones in beige and yellow, which makes a nice combination for wooden furniture and colourful art.

Which colours have you chosen, what made you stick to them?

We chose the colours 9 — Birch and 2 — Mourning Dove as they feel like classic beige colours that suit all types of art. Our showroom will vary in expression so it felt important to choose colours that stand the test of time but at the same time make the art pop more than if it had just been a white wall.

Describe your interior design style in three words!

Artistic, warm and personal.

living room

How should you think when you have just painted a room and have to choose posters? Give us all your tips!

I would say choose the art first! I think that approach means that you might actually choose a wall colour that you otherwise wouldn't have chosen in the first place. Matching wall colour with art is like a work of art in itself, so first select your personal favorite motifs and then match a wall colour that goes with it. If you want help curating art, Wall of Art now offers a new service, the styling help, the idea of the service is that our experts can arrange both digital and physical meetings to help find works of art that match your style. Based on wishes, big or small, we come up with a proposal for a selection of prints that suit the room you are going to decorate.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint?

It feels important to have an overview of what style you want in the room before choosing a wall colour. Tip is to start by creating a mood board with art and furniture that you like and then choosing a wall colour that makes it pop and match the best. Important to also see how the colour looks in different lights before you decide.

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living room
Annika & Nicklas colours
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