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Bea Hansson

We have now been able to make a home visit to the stylist and photographer Bea Hansson. Follow along to see how Bea has decorated together with colours from Klint.

Where are we and how did you end up here?

We are in a two bedroom apartment in Malmö. I bought this apartment a little more than a year ago together with my sister. I grew up in Skåne and that is where I always feel at home.

What do you like most about your home?

The balcony now in the spring and summer is absolutely wonderful, as soon as there is morning sun on the weekends we rush out with a cup of coffee. It is often windy in Malmö, but as our apartment is in the middle of a U-shaped building, it is always calm on our balcony.

"When it comes to colour, I often choose to not take any risks, but this time we both felt we wanted to try something new"

How did you think about the colour of your home?

When it comes to colour, I often choose to not take any risks, but this time we both felt we wanted to try something new and different. We chose to colour from room to room and didn't think too much about how it would match, but in the end it turned out perfect.

Which colours have you chosen, what made you stick to them?

The first thing you see when you enter the apartment is our blue roof. Since we don't have any windows in that room and therefore don't get much light in, we wanted to choose colors that give a welcoming feeling as soon as you step into the hall. The white walls make the room still feel lit and the blue ceiling makes you immediately open your eyes and be a little pleasantly surprised.

When you go further out from the hall into the living room and kitchen, we have broken into another colour completely. In these rooms, the main material is oak, so we wanted to paint in an organic tone that lets the oak floor and remaining wooden furniture speak. We decided to use a colour we really liked and then paint it everywhere in the living room and kitchen - not just the walls but also the ceiling, moldings and elements. And then we were immediately hooked on 40 - Oasis, the perfect neutral colour that you never tire of, even if it is painted in large parts of the apartment.

living room

What were you most satisfied with?

I am most satisfied that we dared to use colour, we talked a lot back and forth about how we should do it, but we made the decisions during the renovation and dared to follow our feeling.

Describe your interior design style in three words.

Personal, natural materials and playful.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint?

For the first time we dared to go outside our comfort zone, so my advice to you who want to repaint would be: to dare to try. It's just paint, the worst that can happen is that you have to repaint ;)

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