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Edvina Berg

When Edvina moved in with her boyfriend, there was only white patterned wallpaper on the walls. Together, they have scraped wallpaper, putty and put together a palette consisting of three colours. Now the apartment feels more cozy and warm.
edvina berg

Where are we, and how did you end up here of all places?

We are in a rental property at home with me and my boyfriend in Norra Sofielund in Malmö. When I fell in love, I wanted to move into his apartment, not only to sleep together every night, but also because he had both a bathtub and a balcony. ツ In addition, I really liked the area and the house with many nice neighbors.

What do you like most about your home?

That the floor plan has few right angles. The rooms have a strange shape and you can see straight through the entire apartment because it is so oblong. Much has been preserved, for example, we found old wall paintings directly on the plaster under several layers of wallpaper.

“Colour gives security to a room and makes one happy.”

Describe yourself in one sentence!

Zero or one hundred – motionless when I have low interest but manic when I'm excited.

What was your thinking behind the colour scheme in your home?

I think I have unconsciously happened to think the opposite of classic style advice. A tip I often come across is that you should choose a neutral colour palette for walls as a basis, and then add more colourful accent colours. I prefer to paint in a playful wall colour for our rather "neutral" interior. Details in white, such as ceiling stucco, can now also take up more space because we are not allowed to paint the ceiling in a different colour (due to tenancy).

Then I like when certain colours almost intersect, for example I think the combination 47 – Aperitif (fresh orange) works well with my boyfriend's wall hanging painting on canvas that has a pink/purple/brown palette.

Describe your interior design style in three words!

Second-hand, airy and asymmetrical.

living room

Which colours have you chosen and what made you stick with them?

We have painted with 47 – Aperitif, 64 – Early Blue and 71 – Vinho Verde. Colour gives security to a room and makes one happy, in my opinion. What stuck with me about selected colours was that they all have something artificial about them. At the same time, they have their basis in nature, such as orange, nettle melon and sky. I like when a fresh colour is soft and smooth at the same time. Also, I think all the colours have a lot of pigment and depth. With such wall colours as a background, furniture and things stand out more. In our apartment we have a lot of wood and I think I would have been bored if it was only wooden furniture and white or gray walls.

What were you most satisfied with?

The living room. The colour changes depending on the time of day - it is perceived as yellow/beige when it is light and green when it is dark. Fun with variety! We are happy with the combination of raw wall, Vinho Verde and a lot of textiles.


Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint?

Don't over think. It's not a big deal and it should be fun. It can only get better, and if it doesn't, you can always redo it. Go on your first gut feeling if you are in two minds.

What would be your favorite colour from the Klints colour palette if you had to choose just one?

34 – Antique if I had to paint all the rooms the same colour.

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