Klint Homes

Julian, Rami & Hanna

Now we are welcomed into the wonderful office of the creative trio. Let's take a look at how they have repainted!
Julian, Rami and Hanna's colours

33 — Lush

Emerald Isle

50 — Emerald Isle

Rami, Hanna and Julian

Describe yourselves in one sentence.

Rami: Creative, driven, curious

Hanna: Passionate, energetic, creative

Julian: Warm, creative, spontaneous

Tell us what vision you had for your office / creative studio?

We wanted to create an environment where our creativity could flow freely.

"Playfulness meets minimalism."

Which colours have you chosen, what made you stick to them?

We wanted an accent colour on the stairs and landed on 50 - Emerald Isle and chose a calmer tone on the walls 33 - Lush to balance.

How did you approach design when it came to decorating an office?

Playfulness meets minimalism.

What is your favorite decor, design or architectural element in the office?

The spiral staircase after we painted it green and our nice desks from Gustaf Westman.


What do you like in interior design right now?

We are very into stainless steel together with different types of wood and fine objects in accent colours.

Describe your interior design style in three words!

Vintage, classic with a twist and earthy materials.

What were you most satisfied with?

The staircase after painting it with Klint.

The results
Julian, Rami and Hanna's colours
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