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Lina Thomsgård

We have been able to make a home visit to the columnist, program host, and PR consultant Lina Thomsgård. Lina has added a lot of colours to her townhouse apartment from the 70s in Hornstull. Let's see how she has decorated with colours from Klint.

Where are we and how did you end up here?

In our small townhouse apartment from the 70s on the sixth floor at Hornstull. We moved here when we were having our second child and were too cowardly to leave town and live in a house. Here we get everything - gardens on a 28 sqm roof terrace, swimming areas, greenery, parking and even a sauna in the bathroom - but still only 3 minutes to socialize with others.

What do you like most about your home?

Our home is social, easy to clean and practical, that's EVERYTHING when you have small children. The roof terrace really feels like a garden, we are self-sufficient in berries and vegetables in summer! And the view through all the windows of the apartment is fabulous, like different paintings in each room, that's why we wanted to paint the window sills so that it would look almost like picture frames.

"Since the rooms are just like simple boxes, we wanted to create different moods with the colours and also develop elements that are not in the floor plan."

Which colours have you chosen and what made you stick to them? 

The living room and dining area are painted in 2 – Mourning Dove, because there we have so much art and knick-knacks that take over. The kitchen had to be 65 – Fountain Ave, purple blue like the evening sky outside. The hall terracotta 68 – Santa Fe which reminds of the outside of the house and becomes the peak against the charcoal marble floor, we painted the guest room in 70 – Sun Room. Our bedroom should feel kind and sober at the same time, so we chose 38 – Cedar, and the children's room playful 64 – Early Blue. In all rooms, the raspberry red colour 67 – Rioja appears in the places where you have "cut into the cake". In the windows, in the hall, on the shelves.

How did you think about the colour of your home?

Since the rooms are just like simple boxes, we wanted to create different moods with the colours and also develop elements that are not in the floor plan: arches, vaults and red threads throughout.


Describe your interior design style in three words! 

A whole lot.

What were you most satisfied with? 

The yellow one is absolutely incredible, sometimes I go in and have sun therapy with myself in the guest room. And everything you put in that room looks beautiful against the yellow, for example dirty laundry and football bags.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint? 

Try to enhance the character and characteristics of the home with colour. Paint an ugly ventilation pipe so that it becomes a nice little apostrophe, colour plinths, window sills and doors. Paint inside cabinets and shelves and find colours that can appear in several places so that the home is tied together like a gift string. Klint's sheets are great for testing around and being playful.

And last but not least, what would be your favorite colour from the Klint's colour palette if you had to choose just one?

70 – Sun Room. Like going on a sun vacation just by lying down and staring at the wall.

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