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Martina Claesson

Welcome home to Martina, where she has adorned her space with colours from Klint! As a freelance designer, she is passionate about her work. From cutlery to lamps, chairs to wardrobes, she designs everything you need to make a house a home.

Where are we, and how did you end up here?

I am originally from Gothenburg but have been living in Malmö for the past two years. What brought me to Malmö was my studies. I was accepted into a master's program in industrial design in Lund. I got a job at IKEA in Älmhult at the headquarters and have been commuting from Malmö to Älmhult since then. My boyfriend, whom I met during my studies, lived in Copenhagen, and we decided to settle in Malmö since he works at a design studio in Copenhagen.

What do you like most about your home?

I must say that I like the mixture of our own-designed furniture and our second-hand finds together with products that inspire me in my creative process. I appreciate the blend of styles and shapes the most, it's what makes our home so personal!

How did you approach the colour scheme of your home?

I believe the colours I have chosen for our home enhance all our furniture and showcase them in the best possible way. It's important to me to dare to use colour and experiment, seeing how expressions vary with different materials and shades - that's what makes working with colour so exciting!

“Choose colours based on what excites you or a colour that makes you happy!”

What colours did you choose, and what drew you to them?

I chose the colours 54 - Maraschino, 90 - Cava, 71 - Vinho Verde, and 56 - Cenote. I had a clear vision in my mind of how I wanted each room to feel. For the entrance, I wanted a lively and positive colour that gives energy, the living room to feel harmonious and airy, the kitchen to be soft and light, and the bedroom to feel enveloping and warm. So, it felt like a very natural choice to choose these colours for each room.

What are you most pleased with?

I am very pleased with all the colour choices, but if I had to pick one colour that turned out surprisingly well, it would be the red, 54 - Maraschino, for the ceiling in the bedroom. It is a relatively dark and intense colour, and I was afraid it would be too much. It turned out very well with a dark ceiling for a small bedroom.

Describe your interior style in three words.

Creative, playful, Scandinavian.


Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint?

My advice is not to choose colours based on what you consider a "safe choice." Choose colours based on what excites you or a colour that makes you happy!

And last but not least, what would be your favorite colour from Klints' colour palette if you had to choose just one?

If I could only choose one colour, it would be the colour I have in my hallway, 71 - Vinho Verde, which is a yellow-green colour full of energy and fits very well with other bold colours. For example, the red lamp I have in the ceiling provides a very nice contrast against the yellow-green colour!

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