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Sandy & Jonathan

Sandy and Jonathan have assembled a palette that adds depth and character while still making every single room stand out.

Where are we, and how did you two end up here of all places?

Early in our relationship, we already had a certain location and atmosphere in mind – an environment that felt like Southern Europe: lively, creative and quirky. If possible, also close to nature and the water. When the flat in Hemnet popped up on the market, and we saw the link with the headline “Oh, Southern Europe” one dreary, rainy November day, it just seemed too good to be true!

Our flat in Mälarhöjden is the first home we’ve shared and has given us the opportunity to explore colours, forms and details together. We’re very much in sync with one another, and it’s been a blast to create a place that symbolises us both to such a degree.

What do you two like the most about your home?

The location is absolutely fabulous! To wake up in the morning with a view of Mälaren and all the greenery everywhere is like mana for the soul. When we purchased the residence in November 2021, we didn’t know exactly how everything would look on the spacious terrace in the summertime, but it’s wonderful to see how it’s come to life now over the summer! Sandra has always dreamed of being able to garden, and Jonathan wanted more space to design and make the hats for @SoonNoon.

Now, we finally have the opportunity to go out on the terrace and devote more time to our hobbies and interests. So far, we’ve been able to enjoy a number of nice suppers and memorable moments on our terrace. The blooming dahlias and the enormous olive tree Sandra received for her birthday make us feel like we’re in Southern Europe. Last but not least, we finally found room for our vinyl collection, whose sounds ring out over our terrace on sunny summer days.

“The colours we chose not only create depth and character, but also make every single room stand out.”

What was your thinking behind the colour scheme in your home?

Jonathan is a pro when it comes to designing mood boards and creating inspirational colours, forms and atmosphere. We wanted to add depth to the various rooms, with plenty of warmth and playfulness. Right away, we thought about details that would set the tone, like the red sofa in the living room or our Moroccan rugs and which colours would match them. The kitchen cabinets and trim were already painted in a soft green colour, and since we didn’t want to change anything in the kitchen, we wanted to choose a colour that worked with the existing decor.

Which colours did you two choose? What attracted you to them in particular?

The colours we chose not only add depth and character, but also make every single room stand out. In the bedroom, we initially painted with 38 — Cedar, but once the custom walnut wardrobes arrived, we realised that the colour was too similar to the shade of the furniture. We then painted with the colour 40 — Oasis, and it brought out the walnut much better. To compliment the bedroom’s tones, we chose 53 — Tapenade for the inner part of the hallway. It gives you a welcoming sense of tranquillity and depth when you come home and ties in well with the kitchen’s lighter green tones. Jonathan’s daughter Manja had free rein to choose what she wanted for her bedroom and chose 14 — Dusty since it felt “pink, but not just pink” in her words. It creates a soothing atmosphere along with the polished wood floor and is ideal for a young teen. For the long hallway, the living room and the kitchen, we chose 27 — Mojave Mirage since we feel that it’s the perfect light, warm colour when you e.g. want to let your bright red sofa do the talking!

living room

What were you two most satisfied with?

The part of the hallway that was painted with 53 — Tapenade really turned out great! Suddenly, a passageway that we walked through all the time without much thought was transformed into a room with its own unique atmosphere and character.

Describe your decorating style in three words!

Playful, inviting and Southern European warmth.

Do you two have any tips for anyone who wants to repaint?

Design a mood board, and look for inspiration online. Pinterest is magical! Start with details in your home such as furniture and other decor. Sometimes these will set the tone, and the paint just serves as an accessory; other times, it’s the exact opposite. Also think about what you see outside your home and how you can match the colours to it. We have plenty of greenery outside and wanted to highlight it with different shades of paint.

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living room
living room
Sandy & Jonathans colours
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