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Zandra Lidén

Zandra has put together a palette made up of six colours, mixing some of them together to arrive at the perfect shade.

Where are we, and how did you end up here of all places?

We’re at home in my and my boyfriend’s new flat in Hammarbyhöjden. It’s perfectly situated between Esteriör Shop in Södermalm, where I work in the daytime, and Nackareservatet reserve, where I like to spend time on the weekends. But mostly it’s about the fact that this flat had everything we were looking for: privacy, a balcony with a sunset view, an open kitchen and a bathtub.

What do you like the most about your home?

The light and the sunsets with a view of Stockholm are totally magical. Then there’s the combination of all the little extras!

What was your thinking behind the colour scheme in your home?

I love colour and see it as a natural part of my home. My goal was that it should be harmonising and welcoming without being cowardly or dull. I had a creative mindset when it came to the colours in all the rooms. For example, the relatively small bathroom is white, but to balance things out and add an element of surprise, the ceiling is green.

“I love colour and see it as a natural part of my home.”

Which colours did you choose? What attracted you to them in particular?

The flat is a 3BR, and we’ve used a total of six different colours. In the hallway and the living room, we have Rue Montmartre, which I think is perfect for use as a base colour in large rooms. The colour can look different depending on the lighting but is always very pleasant. In the bedroom, we sort of have Parfait! I mixed it with a little Mojave Mirage to get the exact tone I wanted. All the surfaces in the bedroom are painted in this colour, even the ceiling, trim and custom wardrobes. It gives off a very harmonious vibe, which I think is very appropriate for a bedroom.

Pink is a surprisingly easy-to-match, pleasant colour that I find most people like. The smaller bedroom has Mojave Mirage on the walls and trim but Fiji on the ceiling. That turned out to be a super-nice combo to make a smaller room playful. For the small hallway next to the living room, I took the leftover Fiji and mixed in a little white and black until I was satisfied with the colour. The bathroom is tiled in a so-called “Kit Kat” mosaic, and the ceiling is painted with Linden Flower.

living room

What were you most satisfied with?

I’m actually most satisfied with the overall effect: the fact that six colours are divided over three rooms makes it feel comfortable and cosy without being stressful or overdone at all.

Describe your decorating style in three words!

Eclectic, colourful, cosy

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to repaint?

Don’t be afraid to use more colour! Remember to think a little outside the box. Maybe it’s just the baseboards that need a lively colour and not the entire room? But above all else, make sure you don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be, and just repaint if it doesn’t seem right. Last but not least, buy the more expensive tape!

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living room
living room
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