Choose the right amount of paint

1. Calculate the surface area of the walls in the room

  • Multiply the length of the wall by the height of the ceiling.

  • Subtract for any doors or windows

Example: A wall that’s 4 metres long with a 3-metre-high ceiling has a wall surface area of 12 sqm

2. Calculate the paint usage

  • Divide the overall surface area of the wall to be painted by 6. A 12 sqm surface area, e.g. needs 2 litres of paint.

  • Sweet! The figures you come up with show how many litres of wall paint you need

What are you painting?

Wall Length

1 m

Wall Height

0 m







Total area

0 m²

Recommended amount
0 L

1L of paint is enough for painting 2 layers over 4-6 sqm. The actual usage can vary based on your surface.

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