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We are on the corner of Åsögatan/Södermannagatan in Södermalm, more specifically in the Esteriör Shop. The journey of Esteriör and Cafériör began seven years ago when Henrik Ekberg and Zandra Lidén founded Esteriör as a creative interior design agency. Two years later, in 2018, the duo embarked on a new adventure and stumbled upon this corner location, leading to the creation of Esteriör Shop and later the realisation of their dream café - Cafériör.

Where are we, and tell us how Esteriör/Caferiör came into being?

We are located at the corner of Åsögatan/Södermannagatan on Södermalm, specifically at Esteriör Shop. It all began seven years ago when we, Henrik and Zandra, started Esteriör as a creative interior and design agency. Two years later, in 2018, we were looking for larger office space and stumbled upon this corner location. It had spacious and beautiful offices, but most importantly, it had a magical retail space. We quickly bought it, renovated it, and a month later, Esteriör Shop opened its doors, making us the proud owners of both an interior shop and a design studio.

Throughout these years, we dreamt of designing a café or restaurant but never had the chance. This autumn, as the store celebrates its 5th anniversary, we felt that the perfect way to mark the occasion was to renovate and redecorate the entire space and, in addition, open our own café - Cafériör!

Describe Esteriör and Cafériör in three words.

Eclectic, playful, and unpretentious!


How did you approach the color scheme of the space? What vibe/atmosphere were you aiming for?

For Esteriör Shop, we wanted a more creative and edgy feel. We were tired of our faded pink and gray/green shades (which were stylish five years ago) and wanted a bolder and more vibrant expression. However, we had a hard time choosing just one colour, so we went with three different ones and worked with colour blocks on different sections of the walls.

For the café, we aimed for a slightly more harmonious and calming atmosphere but still with an edge. There, we chose only one colour for the walls but added contrasting colors to paint pipes and details. Details are everything!

What colors have you selected, and what drew you to them?

Esteriör Shop: 66 - Inner Space, 67 - Rioja, and 56 - Cenote. These three beautiful colors complement each other and create a lively whole.

Cafériör: 82 - Limón and 67 - Rioja. We were inspired by French cafes with their aged, smoky walls but didn't want to go with pure white or beige. That's why we chose this tranquil and pleasant shade that appears yellow in some light and perfectly nicotine-stained in others. Painting details, such as all the pipes on the ceiling, with Rioja created lovely contrasts.


What do you like most about the space?

The large windows, which, just like in artists' studios, face north, providing magical light throughout the day. We also love how vibrant and lively this corner in Södermalm is. Having coffee outside the shop before opening feels like experiencing an eventful TV series. Everything is happening, everyone greets each other, and the neighborhood is buzzing.

What are you most satisfied with?

The entirety! It truly feels like the whole space came together and became a more enjoyable destination. Despite the many different colors and details in a small area, it feels like everything is interconnected. And even though the entire space has been renovated and repainted, it strangely feels like it has always looked this way.

What are your best tips for someone who wants to paint/redecorate with color?

Don't be afraid! Dare to choose more exciting colors, try different options, and don't limit yourself to just painting walls. A room can have multiple colors on different walls, and details can be painted in a completely different shade. And never forget: if it looks bad, you can always repaint.

And last but not least, what would be your favorite colour from the Klint's colour palette if you had to choose just one?

66 - Inner Space! The perfect green that goes with absolutely everything.

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