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Linn & Jonatan

Welcome to Mariatorget in the heart of Stockholm, where a couple with a penchant for Södermalm have found their dream home. Join us as we step into their new residence and explore their interior design choices and the thoughts behind them. From the colour scheme that gives the home a unique and harmonious atmosphere to the personal advice they share for those who dare to take brush in hand and transform their own home. So let's step inside this Mariatorget home and discover what makes it so special.
Linn & Jonatan

Where are we, and how did you end up here of all places?

We are at Mariatorget in Stockholm, it was really the apartment we fell for. We have been living in Södermalm for a few years and are very familiar with the area.

What do you like the most about your home?

Our large living room! It is truly an embracing and welcoming apartment with large social spaces that suits our lifestyle.

“That we dared to paint our ceiling and stucco in a light yellow colour, which looks lovely when the sun shines in.”

What did you think about the colour scheme of your home?

Our previous home was more colourful with light blue walls throughout. For this apartment, we wanted a more sober colour choice without making it all white. The colours would also fit in well with natural wood furniture.

Describe your interior style in three words!

Personal & modern classics.

Which colours have you chosen, and what made you stick to them?

82 - Limón, 43 - Serenity, and 92 - Hygge. A while ago I saw an apartment on Hemnet with a light yellow roof and have since then been looking for it myself. Choosing yellow is very much about the right shade and I think 82 - Limón has exactly the muted light yellow colour we were looking for - not too loud. We wanted all the walls in the same shade and went for 92 - Hygge - a nice light beige so it wouldn't be too sterile. 43 - Serenity was perfect in the bedroom ceiling, carpentry and door as the color is a calmer green color - feels important with a calm in the bedroom.

living room

What are you most pleased with?

That we dared to paint our ceiling and stucco in a light yellow colour, which looks lovely when the sun shines in.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint?

1. Think about what feeling you want to convey in a room and what it takes to achieve it.

2. Don't be afraid to paint doors, ceilings, windows or stucco in your own shade - not everything has to be the same colour, but preferably colours that line up with each other!

3. Don't forget to think about the colours of furniture, rugs, and art that will be added. Let it create contrast.

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