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Sabina von Essen

Now we have been able to make a home visit to the artist Sabina von Essen. Follow along to see how Sabina has decorated together with colours from Klint.

Where are we and how did you end up here?

We are at home with me and my fiance Lucas! We live here with our wonderful hunting labrador Hjördis. We didn't just end up here straight away - we chose this apartment after going to over 100 viewings. We were looking for the perfect residence with high ceilings and large walls to realize our dream of creating a stucco palace.

What do you like most about your home?

It's hard to choose what I like most about our home, but it's between the stucco, the fireplace and the built-in bookshelf.

"I wanted each room in the apartment to be a unique experience, with a unique colour combination."

How did you think about the colour of your home?

The colour scheme in a home is extremely important and it took me a long time to find the perfect combination. I wanted each room in the apartment to be a unique experience, with a unique colour combination. This is something that I have seen and experienced in castles and it was also how people thought about architecture in the past.

Therefore, I have chosen different colours in different rooms. In general, it is common to choose white carpentry paint for door moldings, floor moldings and door tops, but I wanted to create something unique and instead chose a darker greige throughout the apartment.

What were you most satisfied with?

My favorite room is the living room. The light in there is absolutely fantastic and I never tire of looking at the ellipse on the ceiling.

living room

Describe your interior design style in three words.

My decorating style; elegant, parisian, artistic

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to repaint?

My tips are to see the colours in real life and dare! Klint has good swatches that are awesome to walk around and put on the walls. In this way, you form a good experience.

And last but not least, what would be your favorite colour from the Klints colour palette if you had to choose just one?

K77!! It is absolutely magical. Creamy, beautiful and does a great job of highlighting my art!

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living room
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